Friday, January 2, 2009

And while I'm on the subject......

Shouldn't they require servers to at least have a basic understanding of food allergies? If that's asking too much, shouldn't they at least know that FLOUR is typically made from WHEAT? We were at a restaurant a few weeks ago. It was actually the first time we had all ventured out to a restaurant together since we started the diet. Becca wanted eggs and bacon, her new favorite meal. Thankfully we've got her taking fish oils. She's going to need them when she develops a cholesterol problem before she turns ten. Anyway, I went through the whole thing about gluten, dairy, etc. The server brought out her meal and for some reason there were fries on top of the bacon and eggs. I knew right away there was some kind of coating on the fries. I asked the server if they were coated with something containing wheat. She said the coating wasn't made from wheat, it was made from flour. My mouth just dropped open. I told her flour is made from wheat. She got very defensive and said she didn't know that and took the plate away in a huff. I heard her asking someone else if flour is really made from wheat. I swear, I couldn't make this stuff up. It almost seems funny now, but I wasn't laughing then.

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  1. I know, the general population seems very uninformed when it comes to allergies. I find this to be in an issue with my son's teachers, as well. I've told them so many times what he can't have. I've even made an easy to follow chart...they still have no clue. My pediatrician is an idiot, too. She's never heard of half the stuff my son is on. She asked me if the nut milk he drinks is like Nutella. I mean, she is a doctor. Idiot!! Thank goodness for us moms to set the rest of the people straight!! Good luck :)


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