Sunday, March 8, 2009

OK, I've completely ignored this poor little blog for more than a month. Life with autism tends to get in the way of writing about life with autism. So much has been happening, and Becca is making such wonderful progress. This last month has been amazing!

One little incident this morning made me realize how far we've come. When Becca woke up she asked me if it was Sunday. I said yes, and she looked disappointed. Then her face changed, and I could see something going on. She quickly said, "I have a sore throat." Then she turned away, unable to look me in the eye. She had remembered not going to church last week because she had been sick with a sore throat. Trying not to laugh, I told her not to lie about being sick in order to get out of going to church. She looked at me, shrugged, and said, "Well, it was just one little lie."

Now do I want my daughter telling lies? No way. But am I thrilled that we are now at a point where she needs to be taught not to lie AND to not justify the lie? You bet. Two years ago, I couldn't imagine having such a conversation with her. Now I'm starting to deal with the NORMAL things that parents have to teach their children. And I'm loving it!

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  1. Woohoo! Go Becca! So glad to hear about the wonderful progress... we'll take it!


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