Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time to bring out the big guns

Tomorrow we head to Florida for our appointment with Dr. Rossignol. People have asked me why I haven't just taken Becca to a local DAN doctor. I know there are some in our area, but I don't of anyone who has gone to any of them and gotten any real help. We have waited far too long to see a DAN doctor. We've been rather conservative with the biomedical treatments and we've been relying on our own research with no real guidance. I talked to a mother who has a very severely affected child, who has been all over the country trying to get effective treatment for her son. She said Dr. Rossignol was the only one who was able to help him. I did some research and liked what I learned about him. He's got a good track record, and at this point, with Becca being nine years old, that's what we need. We've put this off far too long. CHOP is our local children's hospital, and their philosophies tend to spread throughout the local community. Autism is treated as a psychiatric disorder, and the core medical issues tend to get overlooked. I find myself getting further and further away from anything related to CHOP. Our GI doctor is in Boston, we're seeing a metabolic specialist in Cleveland, and if the CHOP endocrinologist doesn't start doing some serious testing I've got on lined up in California. I'm excited and very hopeful about this appointment. I should actually be packing now, our flight leaves very early tomorrow and we'll be up at 2 AM getting ready to leave for the airport.

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  1. I hope you have a great and successful trip!


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